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Last updated on December 4th, 2020

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This Mango Mojito is refined sugar free and low in carbs without sacrificing flavor! This twist on the classic is tropical and refreshing, and very easy to make. Combine rum and fresh lime juice with sugar free simple syrup, fresh mango fruit, mint leaves, and top with a a delicious sugar free mango beverage. This fruity drink will become an instant favorite!

mango cocktail with lime juice and fresh mint

Mojitos are one of our favorite drinks! Whether it’s nice warm weather, or even when you’re just dreaming about it, this drink is so yummy! It just screams summer, and we had to add in mango, one of our favorite fruits of all time! We know that mango is not traditionally a low carb fruit. Also, we know that you don’t traditionally find mango in a mojito. We like to play around with ingredients and bend the rules a little bit here. We added a small amount of fresh mango fruit, pureed it, and then added more mango flavor by using a pineapple mango beverage by Talking Rain. It’s so delicious, and there’s with only 1 net carb for the whole can! This pineapple mango drink is a great solution for adding some more mango flavor without any additional sugar. We also made our own sugar free simple syrup to sweeten it. Add in some fresh lime juice and mint leaves, and you have a super refreshing adult beverage! If you don’t drink, you can easily skip the rum to make a tasty mocktail!

If you’re looking for more low carb and keto friendly dishes to pair with this drink, why not try this chipotle lime shrimp? Grab this avocado lime crema to dip with it and you have yourself a full meal. You will love the smoky, citrus flavor to pair with this drink, and the creamy, cool crema just wraps everything all together. We’ll share some other sauces or spreads you might be interested in later on in this post, and if there’s something on our website that you’d like to see, please let us know in the comments so we can get in the kitchen and create it!

Here’s What We Used For This Low Carb Mango Mojito:​

  • Fresh Mint Leaves
    Fresh Lime Juice
    Sugar Free Simple Syrup
  • Fresh Mango
  • Bacardi Light Rum
    Essentials Pineapple Mango Drink (we were not sponsored by this brand, but they did send us some drinks to try and we loved them!)
    Pink Salt
hand pouring a drink into a glass

What is the History of the Mojito?

The history and roots of the Mojito is unclear, but it’s popularity has gained steadily over time and been a favorite of Ernest Hemingway, featured in a few films, and has been the continued classic cocktail of Cuba. Some stories state that the Mojito started as a medicinal drink to help curb disease and it has evolved over time to the drink we know and love today. It is traditionally made with white rum, lime, superfine sugar, and fresh mint, so those are the essential ingredients.

Is Mango Low Carb?

Typically, mango is not considered a low carb fruit, but we like to bend the rules! We do incorporate a lot of fresh fruit into our low carb diet, and we know this doesn’t work for everyone. If you use a smaller amount of mango, you probably don’t have to worry about messing up your macros. We supplemented the mango flavor with the Mango Sparkling Ice from Talking Rain. It’s an easy way to circumvent the worry about falling out of ketosis. 

stirring the ingredients for a mango mojito

What is Sugar Free Simple Syrup and How Do I Make it?

A more modern way to make a Mojito is to use a simple syrup and luckily, a simple syrup is exactly what it sounds like. You combine equal parts hot water and sugar free sweetener of choice and stir until it dissolves.. Some sweeteners will crystallize once they are cold (ie. In the fridge), but you can remedy this by warming it up prior to using it. Allulose is our preferred method for the texture and flavor, but we have personally found that using too much of it upsets our stomaches pretty badly. For a small amount, like what you would find in this cocktail, you might be just fine, but if you have a sensitivity it’s definitely something to be aware of.

mango mojito with a can of essentials pineapple mango

Do I Have To Use Light Rum for this Mango Mojito?

The answer basically in short is yes. You do! Light (white rum) has a mellow and smooth flavor that will accompany your drink very well. Dark rum would be too overpowering for this drink.

What If I Don’t Have a Food Processor?

A food processor is definitely the preferred method to puree the fresh fruit. A blender would work just fine as well! If you’re really trying to cut down on carbs, you could simply use the whole can of Pineapple Mango Talking Rain, and add some extra simple syrup for sweetness. Do let us know your results if you decide to take this route! If you aren’t concerned with carbs, but don’t want to puree your own mango, you could use mango nectar. Mango nectar tends to have added sugar, so keep this in mind that it may affect your carb count.

Tools We Used For This Recipe:

two cocktails with mint lime and mango

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How to Make This Low Carb and Sugar Free Mango Mojito Recipe:

There’s really not too much to this recipe at all. First, you will want to prepare your sugar free syrup so that it has time to cool off before adding it to the food processor. To prepare your syrup, boil about a cup of water and add it to about 1 cup of your granular sweetener of choice, then stir until dissolved. Set aside to cool. Juice your lime juice using a citrus reamer and strain thru a metal sieve to get rid of the bits of fruit and the seeds.

Next, add in chopped mango to a food processor with a pinch of pink salt, your simple syrup and your lime juice. Food process until smooth. Strain through a metal sieve to get rid of any extra chunks if you don’t want any in your drink, otherwise, you can leave it in! (We don’t mind some bits of mango!)

In a glass, gently muddle some mint leaves, then add in your mango puree, lime juice and simple syrup mixture. Pour in your rum, and then give the drink a stir. Lastly, just add ice, then top with Talking Rain Pineapple Mango Essentials. Garnish with more mint and limes. Enjoy!

That’s it! Just serve and enjoy!

If you get a chance to try this recipe, let us know what you think, would ya?! Leave us a comment, or catch up with us on Facebook or Instagram, or pin to your favorite Pinterest board for later. We love sharing your versions of our creations over on Instagram @afullliving!

mango mojitos on a silver tray

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Until Next Time,
Briana & Chamere

Mango Mojito (Sugar Free and Low Carb)
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
2 mins
Total Time
12 mins

This Mango Mojito is refined sugar free and low in carbs without sacrificing flavor! This twist on the classic is tropical and refreshing, and very easy to make. Combine rum and fresh lime juice with sugar free simple syrup, fresh mango fruit, mint leaves, and top with a a delicious sugar free mango beverage. This fruity drink will become an instant favorite!

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Fusion
Keyword: Cocktails, low carb, mango, mojito, sugar free
Servings: 2 servings
Calories: 175 kcal
Author: Briana
  • 85 grams fresh mango
  • 4 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 3 oz sugar free simple syrup
  • 4 oz light rum
  • 10 whole mint leaves (plus more for garnish)
  • 12 oz pineapple mango talking rain essentials drink or sparkling ice orange mango
  • ice
  • limes wedges for garnish
  1. In a food processor, add fresh lime juice, mango, and sugar free simple syrup with a pinch of pink salt. Blend until smooth, and strain through a metal sieve if desired to remove any chunks of mango.

  2. Gently muddle your mint leaves at the bottom of your glass. Divide the mango puree mixture between both glasses. Add in your rum, then stir with a bar spoon.

  3. Add ice, then top with your pineapple mango mixer. Taste, and adjust sweetness to your liking.

  4. Garnish with lime wedges and mint leaves. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

Macros: These macros are estimated and we cannot guarantee the accuracy. We provide them as a courtesy. 

Makes 2 drinks, 175 calories per drink, 12 total carbs, 1 gram fiber, making 11 net carbs. 

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Mango Mojito (Low Carb and Sugar Free)

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