Last updated on September 13th, 2020

About Us

Welcome to our journey to create indulgent low carb and keto recipes without sacrificing health or flavor. What started as a change to save our health has turned into the perfect intersection of all of our different passions. Photography, recipe development, eating, and most importantly, helping others enjoy their journey into low carb and keto as well. We hope the pictures draw you in, the delicious recipes make you hungry, and the first bite you take keeps you coming back for more!



Recipe developer

Briana’s craving and fascination with flavors and recipes started at a very young age, but with limited to the basic tools and parents who didn’t have the time to explore the joys of cooking, she was stuck with quick, standard meals.

Being the same go-getter she is now, she took curiosity into a lifetime of recipe development and exploration. With her eyes glued to the food network every day after school, she turned those limitations into a passion in her kitchen. She eventually got into the food service industry, learning tips and techniques of the trade bit by bit. This passion is unwavering and has resulted in many a request of her special recipes and led her to start A Full Living (formerly known as Pantry Grubs). 

While finding success in the recipe development and social media management arena, she decided to take control of her health after Chamere found out he was pre-diabetic. The Midwest restaurant hopping was brought to a halt and Bri looked for a lifestyle that was sustainable for the long term. 

Keto/Low Carb was the answer to her problems. With the benefits of what it would do for Bri and Chamere’s health, Bri set her sights on low carb recipes and hasn’t turned back. She has lost over 60 pounds and kept it off for over two years!

Taking what most people would consider a huge limitation, Bri has thrived and shown time and time again what happens when you mix passion and persistence. She prides herself on creating low carb food that is just as decadent and eye catching as the traditional recipes. She loves to watch people realize her creations are low carb and not be able to tell the difference.

She still gets many a request for her special recipes and now, she shares them for everyone to enjoy on A Full Living.



“How you do anything is how you do everything.” This is a mantra that has powered Chamere’s artistic pursuits and passions for as long as he can remember. Whether it is photography, learning to build a website, design, or cooking a new dish, Chamere approaches everything in life with the same level of undivided, dedicated enthusiasm and curiosity.

Photography holds a lot of his attention, as it is a continued exploration of the world around him. He first became enamored with still life, color work, and street photography, rarely ever being away from his camera. Self taught and constantly practicing, he became a student of everything photography and continues to pour his energy into every single detail. 

“The camera helps me make sense of the world.  All I want to do is create art, capture the beauty of life, and everyone in it. There is so much that we take for granted and when you really take a step back, you discover how extraordinary the world is. The moments that miss often. I want to share as many of those moments  that I can through my photography. “

When Briana mentioned that a food blog was her dream, he encouraged her to pursue it and pushed himself to learn food photography while adding his unique knowledge to the mix. He brings his knowledge of still life, lighting, and street to bring a twist to food photography. The unique challenges of food made him throw himself headfirst into the niche. His work and her recipes proved to be a successful combination, leading them to create A Full Living. Now, they create all types of food, beverage,  product, and lifestyle content for brands, restaurants, tourism boards, hotels, and more. 

Working with Chamere is a guaranteed experience of joy and fascination, as he pours everything into his content creation.  He treats his clients work, not as business, but as one more opportunity of exploration and creativity. “How you do anything is how you do everything, so why not live a life full of enjoyment?”