Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita



If you love margaritas, but you want to keep the carbs low and make it festive, you have to try this Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita! At 4.5 net carbs and only 2.3g sugar per glass, you will will be feeling very jolly, without the sugar hangover and unnecessary extra calories! Mix up these festive tequila cocktails, top them with prosecco and get in the holiday spirit!

sparkling cranberry prosecco margarita

We love coming up with delicious and fun cocktail recipes that will get you excited to imbibe a little bit, without all of the sugar! Whether or not you eat a low carb diet, we think many people would enjoy recipe ideas that are completely refined sugar free. Sugar just adds pointless calories, and makes your hangover worse! We think this keto sparkling cranberry prosecco margarita is a very easy and festive way to indulge a little bit, with minimal impact to your blood sugar.

Here’s What We Used For This Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita:​

  • Lime juice – This is a classic and the most essential ingredient when making a margarita! Fresh squeezed is obviously best.
  • Fresh squeezed orange juice – Traditionally orange liqueur is used for a hint of orange flavor in a margarita, but it also adds a ton of sugar and carbs, so we used fresh orange juice instead. You could sub orange extract instead to lower the carbs even more.
  • Reposado Tequila – What’s to say? This is an essential ingredient! We love Hornitos, it’s our favorite.
  • Kosher SaltDiamond Kosher Salt is our new favorite salt source. It’s much easier to control (in terms of saltiness) when it comes to various types of salt, compared to different types of salt! Not all salts are created equal, and different types of salt are waaaay saltier than others. We love the diamond crystal shape. The texture is amazing it dissolves really well, and it’s perfect for seasoning food and this drink, as well as rimming the glass.
  • Diet Cranberry Juice – This adds your cranberry flavor, and color of course! It also provides a little bit of sweetness, with minimal calories and sugar.
  • Dry Brut Prosecco – You can use your prosecco of choice, and we always opt for Mionetto DOC Trevisio Brut Prosecco. Topping this drink with Mionetto adds such a delicious, crisp flavor, and of course, bubbles! Our favorite!
  • Sugar Free Simple Syrup – This ingredient is optional, we actually don’t add it to this particular drink because we were feeling something a little more “refreshing” rather than sweet. However, it’s incredibly easy to make your own sugar free simple. We will share instructions below. Alternatively, you could add a little bit of your favorite sweetener to the cocktail shaker (to taste). Whatever you like!
  • Garnish with: orange slices, lime slices, cranberries, rosemary, get creative (and festive!)
Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita

Is Tequila Keto?

Honestly, this is a hard question to answer, since keto is a metabolic state. Keto isn’t a food! Ketosis is basically the absence of carbs and sugars, and using fat for fuel in your body. While some foods are higher in carbs and sugar than others, we pretty much believe in eating what you want to an extent. When you’re first starting out with a low carb lifestyle, it might be easier to limit some things, but in time, we have found that moderation for us is key.

Now, onto the alcohol. Alcohol in general can be known to kick people out of ketosis, because alcohol will be used for fuel before any other food source. After alcohol, your body will turn to carbs for fuel, and then lastly, fat burning! Basically, on nights of heavier drinking, your body is running off of alcohol before anything else. When you add extra sugars and carbs to the mix with your alcohol, things can get a little tricky. All in all, we think if you want to indulge in moderation, we support you and have tons of recipes to help you imbibe!

Cranberry Prosecco Margarita

What Prosecco is Best For This Prosecco Margarita?

Prosecco in general is one of our favorite alcoholic beverages, with it’s crisp and refreshing flavor. Our favorite prosecco brand is Mionetto! They craft high quality (D.O.C. certified) sparkling wines for a very reasonable price-point. We thought their standard Trevisio Brut Prosecco was perfect for this prosecco margarita, since it’s dry and low in carbs, but is very fruity in flavor with a good hint of golden apples. It’s very well balanced and light, making it the perfect base for sparkling cocktails. We love Mionetto’s dry yet flavorful wines, and have a few other prosecco cocktails that you might enjoy, like this low carb rosé ginger paloma, and this apple cider spritzer!

sparkling cranberry prosecco margarita

How Do I Make Sugar Free Simple Syrup If I Want to Sweeten This Cocktail?

A simple syrup is exactly what it sounds like. You combine equal parts hot water and sugar free sweetener of choice and stir until it dissolves. Some sweeteners will crystallize once they are cold (ie. In the fridge), but you can remedy this by warming it up prior to using it. Allulose sweetener by Whole Earth Sweetener is our preferred method for the texture and flavor, but we have personally found that using too much of it upsets our stomach pretty badly. For a small amount, like what you would find in this cocktail, you might be just fine, but if you have a sensitivity it’s definitely something to be aware of. In other words, if you plan to drink about four of these cocktails, be aware if you plan to sweeten them!

Do You Have More Suggestions For Low Carb Friendly Cocktails?

If you’re looking for a healthier way to indulge this holiday season, let us point you in the direction in some of our most favorite holiday cocktails that are all under 10 net carbs per drink!

Tools We Used For This Recipe:

cocktail with orange and cranberries

Want to get supplies for this recipe or shop our keto kitchen or pantry? We’ve linked our favorites above and right here in our Amazon Store!  A Full Living is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate program, an affiliate advertising program designed to promote a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking products to We only share products we use and love. It doesn’t cost you anything extra to shop using our links, but we earn a small commission that helps us keep this site going! 

How to Make This Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita:

In a cocktail shaker with ice, add in your freshly squeezed lime juice and fresh squeezed orange juice. If you want to add some sugar free sweetener or simple syrup, add that now! This cocktail is more on the refreshing side, rather than sweet, so if you prefer a sweeter margarita, we recommend using about 1 oz of our sugar free simple syrup, or up to 2 tbsp of granular sweetener to taste.

Add in your diet cranberry juice and Hornitos Reposado Tequila! Add your salt into the cocktail shaker as well, then shake it up.

Strain into salt rimmed glasses filled with ice, then top with prosecco. Garnish with citrus wedges of choice and cranberries if desired. Enjoy!

If you get a chance to try this recipe, let us know what you think, would ya?! Leave us a comment, or catch up with us on Facebook or Instagram, or pin to your favorite Pinterest board for later. We love sharing your versions of our creations over on Instagram @afullliving!

Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita

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Briana & Chamere

Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita
Prep Time
10 mins
Cook Time
2 mins
Total Time
12 mins

If you love margaritas, but you want to keep the carbs low and make it festive, you have to try this Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita! At 4.5 net carbs and only 2.3g sugar per glass, you will will be feeling very jolly, without the sugar hangover and unnecessary extra calories! Mix up these festive tequila cocktails, top them with prosecco and get in the holiday spirit!

Course: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Keyword: cranberry, holiday, margarita, prosecco
Servings: 1 serving
Calories: 152 kcal
Author: Briana
For the sugar free simple syrup (will produce about 12 ounces of prepared simple syrup):
  • 1 cup allulose sweetener
  • 1 cup water
For the cocktail:
  • 1/2 oz fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 1/2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
  • 1.5 oz reposado tequila
  • 2 oz diet cranberry juice cocktail
  • 1/2 oz homemade sugar free simple syrup (or to taste, see recipe above)
  • 1/8 tsp kosher salt (or to taste)
  • 1.5 oz brut prosecco
  • ice for the shaker and the glass
  • Garnish with: cranberries, orange wedge
  1. To prepare your simple syrup, boil your water in a sauce pan over medium heat. Once water in boiling, remove from heat, and stir in your sweetener until dissolved. Set aside to cool.

  2. Rim glasses with kosher salt by wetting with the edge of a lime and covering in kosher salt. Set aside.

  3. In a cocktail shaker with ice, combine lime juice, orange juice, tequila, simple syrup, diet cranberry juice and salt. Shake until cocktail shaker is cold, about 30 seconds.

  4. Strain into ice filled glasses, and top with prosecco. Garnish with a wedge of orange, and cranberries. Enjoy!

Recipe Notes

Macros: We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these macros, they are estimated and  provided as a courtesy via MyFitnessPal.  

Makes 1 serving, 152 calories per serving, 2g sugar, 4g total (and net) carbs, 0g fiber. 

**Save leftover simple syrup in a sealed jar in the fridge for up to 3 months. 

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Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita.

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Keto Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco Margarita

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