T&B Grill – An Albany Park Culinary Gem



T&B Grill – An Albany Park Culinary Gem

A few weeks ago we were fortunate enough to check out T&B Grill – or – the taco and burger grill in Albany Park. T&B serves gourmet tacos, burgers and a few extras that won’t break the bank. This casual spot is great for brunch and dinner.

The menu is simple, yet creative and fun. All the ingredients are fresh and the food is made fresh daily and from scratch, including the cilantro & jalapeño tortillas. Did we mention it was BYOB?

T&B grill
Homemade tortilla chips and salsa verde

Chef and Owner Ambrosio Mancines does Mexican-American fusion, and he does it very well. He has been cooking for over 15 years, and has developed his skills from working in some notable Chicago establishments the French Bistro, Chez Joel and Folklore. His quality food and vision for his restaurant really show. Making a trip to Albany Park to visit is definitely worth your while!

We are going to show you some of the delicious things we tried. We can’t wait to go back! In the meantime, go over there and stuff your faces for us, would ya?

Here’s What We Tried at T&B Grill: 

Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Crab
T&B Grill
An exceptional dish with enticing presentation and even more flavor. It was served in a cast iron dish (love!!) The crab was the star of this dish but not overpowering by any means. The gooey and amazing texture combination of the mac, the melt in your mouth cheese, the incredibly crisp and perfectly salted bacon, the flavorful crab.. This mac was astounding– especially for the price. Truly some of our favorite mac and cheese in the city of Chicago.

The Duck Taco & T&B Taco
T&B Grill
Duck Taco: Tasty and flavorful. The pickled cabbage and aioli shines through and everything sets very well together. The texture of the duck confit combined with the homemade tortillas make these top notch.
T&B TacoT&B impressed us more and more with each dish that we tried. The spicy shrimp was just the right amount of kick. Not too spicy to detract from the other flavors. Balanced. (You will notice balanced flavors are something T&B Grill has mastered) The habanero lime aioli was the perfect compliment, and we loved the garlic, cilantro, lime slaw.

T&B Burger with Truffle Fries
T&B Grill
This was Chamere’s first time trying Bison meat, and he was anxious to see how everything would taste. This burger was HUGE especially with the exceptional ingredients stacked with it. It was also delicious. Tender and juicy and not gamey at all. The shrimp, pepper jack cheese, and guacamole are a beautiful combination that T&B balances with ease. No flavors overpower each other. The truffle fries are a generous portion portion, and are very crisp and flavorful. We really enjoyed these.  

Pork Belly Benedict with Chorizo and Champagne Hollandaise Sauce
T&B Grill
We LOVE chorizo and pork belly with pretty much anything. The chorizo, pork belly and pineapple combo flavor was that perfect balance of sweet, salty and savory. Poached eggs are always a plus, and the champagne hollandaise sauce was an interesting addition! We also loved the fact that this dish was served with some fruit. It was a good balance with all of the fatty, salty and savory flavors going on.

T&B Chilaquiles
T&B Grill
What can I say about these.. Who doesn’t love chilaquiles!? You really can’t go wrong. Served with more chorizo on a bed of homemade green and red tortilla chips and over easy eggs = perfection. We really enjoyed the homemade salsa verde that came with it.

Chicago is home to some seriously good food, and overall we thoroughly enjoyed T&B Grill. Make sure you stop by to say hi next time you’re in Albany Park – or better yet, make a trip up there to check out these amazing flavors!!

Until next time.

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