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Last updated on August 21st, 2020

This Low Carb and Keto Eats, Treats and Snacks You Can Buy Online Taste Test Review can hopefully help you decide where to make your next purchase. If you’re craving some fun and healthy low carb snacks, or easy to prepare dessert mixes, we’ll give you a run down of some of the yummiest low carb and keto snacks to buy online right now. We did a live video taste test review of some new to the market (or just new to us) low carb and keto friendly snacks, and gave our honest feedback. Here’s a run down of some of our favorite low carb and keto friendly eats, treats and snacks you can buy online in 2020!

We do enjoy cooking most of our meals, but a successful part of a low carb and keto lifestyle for us is having a variety of snacks around. We want all the keto eats we can get! When the mood strikes, we love being able to reach for tasty, healthier for you keto treats and snacks. Some of these products can also certainly fit into your everyday life. They aren’t all indulgent, and many are every day items that will make your life a little sweeter. From pre-made brownie mixes and flavored cheese crisps, to electrolyte supplements and beef sticks, even keto sprinkles, so many keto eats have found their way into keto dieters pantries. We’re grateful for the constantly growing list of options for low carb and keto snacks to buy online these days.

If your grocery shopping trips to Costco or Jewel Osco have been a little less frequent due to staying at home these few past months, you might be looking for keto snacks to buy online. We thought it might be helpful to try some new products that may sway your decision as to where you’ll fill your online cart up from next! We promise to give you our honest feedback, although we want to make a note that everyone has different tastebuds. If you’re not convinced, or you have tried these products and had a different opinion, please leave your thoughts in the comments, we so love hearing from you!

It’s important for us to note that some of these products were gifted to us by some of these brands for the purpose of this video and blog post. Any affiliate relationship will be disclosed, so we can pass on savings to you, and help us continue to create great content. Thank you for supporting brands that support our work! Working hard to bring you guys great content is super important to us, and we have a lot of fun doing it. We hope it goes without saying that regardless of the relationship with the brand, we will tell you the truth about each product. We’ve also linked some items thru Amazon, which helps us earn affiliate income. Hoping no one gets their feelings hurt, buy hey, all of our thoughts and opinions are our own! Let’s dive into this low carb and keto eats, treats and snacks you can buy online taste test review!


Here is the final footage of us trying all of the products in this list. It’s quite a massive array of keto eats, treats and snacks. If you want to see some real honest reactions, feel free to watch it. There are plenty of timestamps included so you can skip ahead to the keto snacks you’re most interested in. We do apologize in advance for the video being so darn long! Like we said, we’re honest. Next time we’ll honestly try to stick more to a framework and ramble less. We’re learning!! 

If you just want to skip ahead to our final thoughts, keep reading

Barney Butter Chocolate Almond Butter

chocolate barney butter keto eats and snacks to buy online

Overall Rating: 3.75/5. Chamere rated it a 3.5, Bri rated it a 4.

We would definitely buy this again! Our only wish is that it had just a touch more chocolate flavor. Definitely a delicious treat we imagine using on our keto oatmeal, keto pancakes or in cookies.
This chocolate almond butter by Barney Butter is the first low carb sweet snack we tried. While the ingredients do include a small amount of added sugar, it’s definitely low carb and keto friendly if you don’t go overboard. We’re big fans of other Barney Butter products we’ve tried. Their almond butters are superb! We hope to feature their products soon in more recipes to come. In this meantime, we would certainly recommend this as one of our top keto treats!

Macros: 190 calories per 2 tbsp (32 gram) serving, 16 grams of fat, 8 total carbs, 3g fiber making 5 net carbs, 3g sugar, 6g protein.

Buy On Barney Butter Website // Buy on Amazon

BUOY Hydration Squeezable Electrolytes

Overall Rating: 5/5

Wow, what an awesome product. Brand new to the market is this flavorless, 0 calorie, 0 carb or sugar electrolyte supplement made with antioxidants and all natural ingredients. Add it to any drink to stay hydrated. The goal is you don’t want to taste it, so it’s subtly working it’s magic to keep you hydrated.

Their website suggests adding it to beer, coffee, tea, a smoothie and of course, your water like we did. A small easy squeeze bottle has 40 servings. The key is not to add too much to your drink, or else you will get a mineral-like, salty taste. Also, you should not exceed 12 servings per day.

Buy On Buoy Hydration Website // Buy on Amazon

ChocZero Summer Keto Tropical Syrups (Banana, Peach, Mango)

choc zero mango peach and banana syrups

Mango: 3/5
Peach: 4.25/5. Chamere rated this a 4.5, Bri rated it a 4.
Banana: 5/5

Let us start by saying that ChocZero makes some of the most fantastic sugar free, keto and low carb sweet snacks on the market. They are constantly coming up with limited edition flavors seasonally, and year round you can expect the best syrups and chocolate! Basically, these guys at ChocZero are the keto treats wizards!

Their maple syrups have made quite the appearance in many of our recipes. Their products are photogenic and delicious. For the new flavors, we are especially fond of the peach and the banana flavors. We for see some really tasty keto eats and recipes in our near future.

We tried all three of their limited edition summer syrups plain on a spoon and we think that had an affect. As you can see, we had some mixed feelings, at least initially! While we were totally in love with the peach and banana flavors, we weren’t too keen on the mango flavor on it’s own.

Update about the mango syrup: We’d like to note that we used the mango syrup in a yummy dipping sauce the other day because we had to give it another chance. Our idea was that it would be better blended with something else. Low and behold, we are actually really enjoyed it a sweet and spicy dipping sauce! The aftertaste we didn’t like when we first tried it disappeared when combined with some more citrus, a little spice, and a really fatty base. The mango flavor popped thru very nicely. So, overall we actually quite like it, but just probably not on pancakes like we would have hoped. If you’re intending to have it standalone, we’re not sure we can recommend it. Give their products a try and let us know what you think! At the end of the day, the folks at ChocZero are awesome, and they make fantastic keto treats.

Macros (for all flavors): 32 calories per 1 tbsp (20 gram) serving, 15 total carbs, 14g fiber making 1 net carb, 0g fat, protein, & sugar.

*Please Note: ChocZero usually restocks once per week on Fridays at 5pm PDT, and they often sell out. They are only restocking their tropical syrups one last time for the summer on Friday, August 14th!

Buy On ChocZero Website // You can use our affiliate code ‘AFullLiving’ at checkout for 10% off!

Frank’s Red Hot Seasoning Blends

franks red hot ranch seasoning for keto taste test

Rating Buffalo Ranch: 5/5
Original Flavor: 4.75/5. Chamere rated this a 5, and Bri rated it a 4.5.

Everyone knows Frank’s Red Hot, cuz we put their hot sauce on everything! Did you know they made seasoning blends too? Let us enlighten you. These blends are total game changers for us. It’s been so tough to keep how we feel about these blends a secret over on Instagram since we show you guys so many of our daily meals on Instagram. It’s been crickets with us sharing our eating with you guys.. cuz, well… we put this sh!t on everything. Cucumbers, cottage cheese, meats, you name it. Look, in our opinion, you need these. Get ready for some delicious keto eats with this stuff, that’s all we can say!

Macros (for both flavors): Serving size is 1/4 tsp, 0 calories, carbs, sugar, fat, or protein. 80 mg sodium.

Buy On Amazon

KEHO Savory Snack Bars

keho savory snack bars

Rating Curry Bar (as seen on taste test): 4.15/5. Chamere rated a 4.3 (what the heck??) and Bri rated it a 4.

These KEHO bars should definitely be strongly considered on your list of keto snacks to buy online. These savory keto snack bars are the first of their kind. We love owner Tekla’s inspiration for the brand. Keho means “the living human body” in Finnish, so she aims to create delicious food as fuel that helps power our bodies more efficiently! While we aren’t vegan, we can definitely get behind these plant powered, gluten free and savory superfood powerhouses. The curry in a hurry bar that we tried on camera and loved is packed with ingredients like: cardamom, cumin, turmeric, chili, spinach, coconut, almonds and more.

These bars are inspired by your favorite savory dishes from around the world. We tried the curry in a hurry in our taste test video, which is why we only rated that one. While we were editing footage, we also tried the pizza to go flavor and the tex-mex moment. In order, our favorite flavors are as follows: curry, tex mex, and pizza! 100% would eat these all the time, any of the flavors though. We really want to try the “Thai me over” flavor which includes notes of lemongrass, coconut, shallot, and Thai chilis. These are definitely some keto eats you’re gonna want to try!

Macros (for curry in a hurry flavor): 200 calories, 17g fat, 5g protein, 15 total carbs, 11g fiber making 4 net carbs.

Buy On KEHO Website // Use Code AFullLiving_Keho for 25% off on their website!

Kettle & Fire New Tom Yum & Butter Chicken Keto Bone Broths

kettle and fire butter chicken and tom yum bone broth

Rating Butter Chicken: 3.4/5. Chamere rated it a 3.75, Bri rated it a 3.
Tom Yum: 3.75/5. Chamere rated it a 4, Bri rated it a 3.5.

These new Butter Chicken and Tom Yum Keto flavors are brand new to Kettle & Fire’s extensive line of 100% grass fed bone broths. One thing is for certain, these Kettle & Fire Bone Broths are packed with nutrients, and taste great. You can definitely taste the quality. Do these particular flavors taste like famous dishes they’re inspired by? If you ask us, not so much, but we’d still buy them because they’re tasty and packed with nutrients.

Overall we are impressed with the high quality ingredients, like turmeric, chili, ginger, butter, tamarind and more. You will recognize organic the ingredients as items you’d be able to find in your pantry. We will say that for us, it’s gonna be hard to please us since butter chicken and tom yum soup are two of our favorite dishes of all time. While these broths. are flavorful, high quality and easy to prepare, we feel that they don’t accurately represent the dishes. However, compared to many other bone broths on the market, they’re hard to beat. We’d buy this stuff, if that’s what you’re wondering!

Macros (Butter Chicken): Serving is 1 cup(245g), 110 calories, 10g fat, 6g protein, 1 total carb.

Macros (Tom Yum): Serving is 1 cup(245g), 150 calories, 10g fat, 6g protein, 5 total carbs, 1g fiber making 4 net carbs.

Buy On Kettle & Fire Website // Use Affiliate Code ‘AFullLiving’ for 15% off on Kettle & Fire Website! // Buy On Amazon

The Sola Company Strawberry Vanilla Granola

the sola company strawberry vanilla granola

Overall Rating: 5/5

We have long been fans of the Sola Company! We’ve used various Sola products in some of our recipes in the past. One of our favorite product lines of Sola’s would be their low carb granola. We’ve tried many flavors and have found that we love the stuff. This flavor is a seasonal flavor, so you could guess we were excited to try this low carb snack!

Overall we aren’t surprised with how much we loved this product. Use it on a yogurt bowl, to top this low carb acai bowl, this low carb blueberry smoothie, or even eat it with some low carb milk like cereal. Game changer!! You’ll be so glad you tried this. Their products are definitely some of the best keto snacks to buy online.

Macros (snack size): 1/3 cup serving (30g), 140 calories, 11g fat, 8g protein, 9 total carbs, 2g fiber, 3g sugar alcohol, 2g tagatose making 2 net carbs.

Macros (regular size): 2/3 cup serving(60g), 280 calories, 21g fat, 5g protein, 18 total carbs, 4g fiber, 5g sugar alcohol, 5g tagatose making 4 net carbs.

Calculating Net Carbs: To calculate the net carbs, we subtract fiber, tagatose, and sugar alcohols from the total carbs. Tagatose is a rare sugar found in dairy that does not spike blood glucose, but it has to be listed under total sugars currently due to FDA regulations.

Buy On Sola Website // Use code ’10BRIANA’ for 10% off + free shipping on Sola Website! // Buy On Amazon

Cello Whisps Cheese Crisp Snacks

cello whisps cheese crisps

Overall Rating For These Cheese Crisps: 5/5
Our Favorites Ranked in Order: Tangy Ranch 5/5, Nacho 5/5, Asiago & Pepper Jack 5/5, Tomato Basil 5/5, Cheddar Cheese 5/5, Bacon BBQ 4/5.

For these particular items, we actually rated and ranked them all the same. We recommend all of these cheese crisp flavors. 100% recommend these keto eats!

We have long been fans of Cello Cheese Whisps, and have been eating them for years! You can definitely say that they are perfect keto snacks to buy online or at Costco. At Costco we have always bought the Parmesan flavor and loved them. They’ve shown up as the perfect side to many of our recipes, like this Spinach Artichoke Dip, Low Carb Beanless Chili, Bacon Cheddar and Green Onion Dip, or even this Walnut Pesto Recipe.

We finally got the chance to try all of these flavors and they are true winners! We highly recommend all of them, would purchase all of them, and think they are the perfect keto snacks to buy online!

Macros (Tangy Ranch): 170 calories, 13g fat, 3 total carbs, 10g protein.
Macros (Nacho): 170 calories, 13g fat, 2 total carbs, 10g protein.
Macros (Asiago & Pepper Jack): 150 calories, 11g fat, 1 total carb, 12g protein.
Macros (Tomato Basil): 150 calories, 11g fat, 2 total carbs, 1g fiber making 1 net carb, 12g protein.
Macros (Cheddar): 170 calories, 14g fat, 1 total carb, 10g protein.
Macros (Bacon BBQ): 170 calories, 14g fat, 2 total carbs, 10g protein.
*Each flavor is 2 servings per container, 23 crisps or 28g per serving.

Buy Whisps on Amazon // Use Affiliate Code ’20AFullLiving’ for 20% off!

EPIC Provisions (Beef Bars, Chicken Sriracha Bites, Chicken Crisps & Uncured Bacon Bits)

epic provisions keto snacks

Jalapeño Beef Bars: 5/5
Beef Salt and Pepper Bars: 5/5
Chicken Crisps (both flavors): 2/5
Sriracha Chicken Bites: 4.25/5. Bri rated this a 4, Chamere rated this a 4.5.
Uncured Bacon Bits: 5/5

We have been purchasing EPIC Provisions pork rinds for quite some time now, and we aren’t shy to say we think they are superior to other pork rinds, especially the bbq flavor. When they offered to send us some of their new keto and paleo friendly snacks, we were thrilled!

Overall, we were big fans and think these new to market keto eats are winners. These keto snacks are definitely going to make our lives easier and yummier when we need something to grab and go.

A Note About the Chicken Crisps: We weren’t impressed by the Chicken Crisps when we tried eating them on their own for the taste test, but overall decided we would probably still purchase them if we needed a quick snack with high protein and super low net carbs. After the taste test, we followed the suggestion of serving the chicken crisps with some dip, and found they weren’t bad at all, much better actually! You guys should give them a try for yourself and let us know what you think. We wanted to love them, really. Their clean ingredients and stunning macros impressed us, but these just missed the mark a bit.

Macros (Beef Bar Salt and Pepper): 1 bar per serving (37g), 130 calories, 8g fat , 3g total carbs, 3g fiber, making 0 net carbs, 11g protein.
Macros (Beef Jalapeño Bar): 1 bar per serving (37g), 120 calories, 8g fat , 3g total carbs, 2g fiber, making 1 net carb, 10g protein.
Macros (Both Flavors Chicken Crisps): 1 pouch/23 crisps per serving (42g), 190 calories, 7g fat , 8g total carbs, 6g fiber, making 2 net carbs, 22g protein.
Macros (Sriracha Chicken Bites): 6 pieces (28g), 80 calories, 3.5g fat , 2g total carbs, 2g fiber, making 0 net carbs, 11g protein.
Macros (Uncured Bacon Bits): Per serving, 30 calories, 2g fat, 0g total carbs, 2g protein.

Buy On Amazon // Buy On Epic Provisions Website

Stryve Biltong Beef Sticks

stryve biltong sticks

Original Stryve Biltong Sticks: 4.5/5. Bri rated this a 5, Chamere rated this a 4.
Hatch Green Chile Flavor: 4.75/5. Bri rated this a 5, Chamere rated this a 4.5.

We first stumbled upon these Stryve Biltong Beef Sticks at our local Aldi. They had great macros, and super clean ingredients, so we were intrigued! Biltong is a South African style air-dried beef stick. It’s not really like jerky at all. It’s a whole different texture since it’s air dried and cured, so technically not cooked (yet totally safe to eat). Made with high quality steak, no preservatives or sugar, we decided to grab the hatch green chile and original flavor for our taste test video! They’re super high in protein, which is great for Chamere especially who is always working hard to hit his higher protein macros.

Overall, these are some serious keto eats. We mean like, some of the best we have found in a long time. We love the spiced flavor that both varieties provide, but the hatch green chile flavor really stole our hearts since we love spicy stuff. Definitely would recommend these awesome keto and paleo snacks. Next flavor on our list to try is the South African Peri-Peri!

Macros (Both Flavors): 1 oz serving, 90 calories, 2g fat, 0g total carbs, 3g fiber, 16g protein.

Buy On Amazon // Buy On Stryve Biltong Website

Fiber One Soft Baked Lemon Bar

fiber one 70 calorie lemon bar

Fiber One Soft Baked Lemon Bars: 1/5

We had seen these low carb Fiber One Soft Baked Bars on Instagram and found them at our local Jewel-Osco awhile ago, so we picked them up since they’re only 70 calories per serving! Bri especially is a sucker for any lemon dessert. They were quite inexpensive, and we figured, how bad can they be in a pinch if you’re craving a low carb sweet snack? Turns out, they can be really bad.

We’re so sorry to say, but these were totally gross to us you guys. They tasted like chemicals, kinda waxy, crumbly, and they’re pretty tiny. Plus, they’re made with a bunch of really questionable ingredients. Also, they’re 5 net carbs per serving which is kinda on the higher end if you follow a keto diet especially. Sadly, we cannot recommend these bars. If you guys want to try them and let us know what you think, do it! Can’t say we didn’t warn you though!

Macros: 1 bar, 70 calories, 2.5g fat, 17g total carbs, 6g fiber, 6g sugar alcohol making 5 net carbs, 2g protein.

Buy On Amazon // Buy On Fiber One Website

Ancient Nutrition Cold Brew Collagen

ancient nutrition cold brew multi collagen

Ancient Nutrition Cold Brew Collagen: 5/5

We’re ambassadors for Ancient Nutrition, which basically just means they send us free product sometimes to test out, but encourage us to give our honest feedback! This cold brew collagen totally caught our eye. There was a moment there where we were a little nervous about how this might taste. We ended up extremely pleasantly surprised! We also kinda love that it contains 40mg caffeine per serving, so we’ve been drinking it as a mid-day pick me up like iced cold brew coffee. We’re loving experimenting with this in the kitchen as well for baked goods, breakfast items, smoothies and milkshakes. Stay tuned for some tasty keto treats to come with this!

Macros: 1 scoop, 35 calories, 9g protein, contains 40mg of caffeine.

Buy On Ancient Nutrition Website // Use Code ‘AFullLiving’ for 20% off your first order!

Horizen Energy & Electrolyte Supplement

horizon sugar free keto electrolyte and vitamin supplements

Rating for Horizen: 3.25/5. Bri rated this a 3, Chamere rated this a 3.5.

The idea behind this electrolyte + energy supplement by Horizen is truly a great one. There are a ton of vitamins, minerals, natural electrolytes, plant extracts, amino acids and nootropics to help your brain and body function at optimal levels. We love that it’s totally keto friendly, paleo, gluten free, and free of any carbs, sugars or sugar alcohols. It’s 0 calories too! It’s designed to elevate your mood and make you feel great. This is also a woman owned company and we love that as well.

For us, overall the best tasting sample was the blue raspberry. Sadly, we weren’t super crazy about these. It just wasn’t our favorite. The ingredient list is impressive however, so if you’re drinking it solely for the benefits, it will suit you well!

Macros: 0 calories, sugar, carbs or sugar alcohols! The micronutrient profile is truly impressive, but it’s super long, so read about it on their website!

Buy On Drink Horizen Website

Good Dee’s Cake and Sprinkles

low carb and keto sprinkles, frosting and cake mix

Chocolate Snack Cake Mix: 3.5/5. Bri rated this a 3 , and Chamere rated it a 4.
Sprinkles: 5/5
Cream Cheese Frosting: 5/5

Let us start by saying that these package mix keto treats are game changers for not only the keto community, but for anyone with a nut allergy too! Many of the baked goods mixes are made with sunflower seed flour instead of almond flour to accommodate for keto and gluten free diets that also have a nut allergy. If you don’t mind sunflower seed flour, these are the keto treats for you.

The cream cheese frosting is just so fantastic and easy to use! You just add water and you have a deliciously creamy, not too sweet cream cheese frosting that would be good on any baked good you’re making.

We also highly recommend the sprinkles! Such an easy addition to baked sweet keto treats that will spruce them up without adding barely any carbs.

We had mixed feelings about the chocolate snack cake. Mostly it was the sunflower seed flour. Chamere didn’t seem to mind it, but Bri wasn’t as fond of it, so you can see why ratings are pretty subjective. Both of us agreed we would have preferred the cake mix to be just a touch sweeter. We both agree that this is a great product, and so easy to prepare! With all of these products available (plus the tons of additional varieties available on the Good Dee’s website) it’s easier than ever to enjoy amazing keto treats!

These are definitely some of the best keto snacks to buy online. We want to thank Deana of Good Dee’s for providing easy keto eats solutions for those of us who eat like this!

Macros (Chocolate Cake Mix, as prepared): 1 slice per serving, 12 slices per prepared cake. 120 calories per serving, 10g fat, 3g protein, 12g total carbs, 3g fiber, 8g sugar alcohols making 1 net carb.
Macros (Cream Cheese Frosting): 2 tbsp (19g) is a serving, 6g fat, 1g protein, 11g total carbs, 10g allulose making 1 net carb.
Macros (Sprinkles): 1 tsp (4g) is a serving, 7.88 calories, 0.56g of fat, 3.3g total carbs, 0.9g fiber, 2g sugar alcohol making 0.4g net carbs.

Buy On Good Dee’s Website // Buy On Amazon

Swerve Sweet Brownies

swerve sweets low carb and keto brownie mix

Overall Rating For Swerve Sweet Brownie Mix: 5/5

Yet another fantastic item to add to your list of keto snacks to buy online! The Swerve Sweets team have been super busy whipping up keto treats for the community to enjoy. We hosted a mini webinar with the Swerve Sweets team a couple of weeks ago where we went through a mini food styling workshop with their amazing pancakes. Click here to view a replay!

The Swerve team sent us a ton of their different bake mixes for us to try out and enjoy. Swerve Sweets has a number of mixes that they’ve created as an easy keto eats solution for when you’re in a pinch. From cake various mixes, a cookie mix, a pancake mix, and now, a brownie mix. We’re not shy to say they are some of the best keto treats we have ever tried. We ended up using their delicious pancake mix for the food photography workshop, along with their brown sugar and powdered sugar replacements!

For this video and taste test , we tried out the brownie mix, and were completely in awe. They are magic. Some might consider this more of a low carb item rather than a keto item, but at 5 net carbs per serving with easy preparation directions, these fluffy chocolate pillows of deliciousness are gonna be running through our dreams forever. They’re worth every carb.

Macros: Serving size 1 brownie (56g) prepared. 160 calories, 13g fat, 4g protein, 16g total carbs, 3g fiber, 8g Swerve making 5 net carbs per brownie.

Buy On Amazon

We hope you enjoyed this massive taste test review of keto snacks to buy online! If you’re in the market for keto eats and treats, we hope we’ve helped you find thing’s you’ll love! Give this post a share on social media or pin to your favorite Pinterest board! You can also follow along with us on Instagram and Facebook, where we do mini product reviews, grocery hauls, and live cooking demos all the time!

massive low carb and keto eats treats and snacks you can buy online taste test review
Low Carb and Keto Eats Treats and Snacks You Can Buy Online - Taste Test Review

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