Let’s Hang Out Together at the International Women’s Day Dinner Crawl in Edgewater!



Last updated on August 23rd, 2018

Good morning friends! How’s everyone doing this fine Monday? We are doing quite well. This is our first blog post with our official domain name change to “A Full Living”.  Not sure if you noticed, but we have a lot of exciting stuff coming for you. More on that later, hope you guys like it!  

Right now, we are here to talk about the International Women’s Day Dinner Crawl in Edgewater from 5 – 9 pm on March 8th. Have you purchased your ticket? If you haven’t yet, you should totally do it! We will be attending along with some of our favorite foodie friends.


Alice and Friends' Vegan Kitchen Dumplings
Dumplings at Alice and Friends’ Vegan Kitchen

Tickets are $35, well, $30 for you, here’s a discount code ‘CHAMBERFRIEND’ for $5 off! Get your ticket here.  We want to mention that a portion of the ticket sale will go to benefitting an awesome organization Apna Gnar, Our Home. This organization supports immigrant communities and helps to end gender violence.

You might notice that there will be two routes for the dinner crawl. We will be going on the south route. There are so many good restaurants attending, it was hard to pick. We decided to go on the south route because we live on Devon Avenue, so we figured it was a way to go a little further south on Broadway for grub than we normally do! Check out this website for the full list of businesses that are participating.


The Growling Rabbit, Sticky Chicken
Sticky Chicken at The Growling Rabbit


We had to highlight some local restaurants that are going to be participating.

One of our favorites, is the Growling Rabbit. Pictured below is a slider version of their “Bomb Mi” sandwich, which they will be serving at the dinner crawl.

The Growling Rabbit is one of our neighborhood favorite spots. We come by for their food & their insane coffee drinks that are mainly created by a very talented barista and friend of ours, Jordan Reinhardt.

The Growling Rabbit creates comfort food with a twist. Almost everything on the menu can be made gluten free or vegan, which is insane, there’s a lot of meat & items with bread on the menu!

We are so bummed that these guys will be along the North Route. We might have to stop in to say hi on our walk home…

Check out the Growling Rabbit Gallery for more delicious photos of their food.

We also had the pleasure of trying Alice & Friends’ Vegan Kitchen. We had heard so many great things about these guys. Although we (clearly) eat a lot of meat, we appreciate delicious flavors when we see them!

Like this delicious chocolate banana smoothie. We also fell in love with the vegan mango lassi, made with coconut milk.

The food and service here are so excellent. They really make you feel like you’re at home. We are so lucky to live close by, and that these guys will be in the South Route of the crawl.

Here’s all the photos we took at Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen.

We can’t wait to try some new spots and visit old friends on Thursday.

We hope you can join us.


Until next time,

Briana & Chamere


Written by: Briana DeBolt

Photos by: Chamere Orr

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